A place steeped in history

Hospitality on the Bastei already celebrated its 200-year tradition. Even then the "paradise of wild rock cliffs and mystic gorges" attracted far-traveled guests. Who is wondering that the Bastei is now the most popular excursion destination for Saxon Switzerland to visitors from all over the world? Even Hofbaumeister Thormeyer - who built here the first massive house in 1826 - would surely be fascinated by the first-class mountain gastronomy with excellent service that guests will experience here today.

With us everything is about you. No matter how fast the time revolves.

Bastei history dates

1812 At Whitsuntide, a butcher (Mr. Pietzsch from Lohmen) offers refreshments to
Bastei visitors for the first time.
1820 In summer rides a gondola on Sundays and public holidays from Rathen to Dresden.
1826 The government orders Court Architect Thormeyer of Dresden to build a solidly constructed inn.
A wooden bridge is build across the Mardetelle gorge.
1835 A postal coach travels from Dresden to the Bastei on Sundays and holidays.
The trip takes four hours.
1837 The first paddle steamer on the Elbe
1851 The Bastei Bridge is built of stone
1894 Expansion of the Bastei guesthouse
1938 The Bastei becomes a nature reserve.
1975/1979 Construction of the Panoramarestaurant by the Dresden architects Witter and
1990 The Bastei becomes part of the National Park Saxon Switzerland
1991 The construction of the new hotel building is finished.
2002 Modernization of the hotel and the Panoramarestaurant classification as a four-star hotel
since 2002 Classification as a four-star hotel
2004 Opening of the wellness area
2006 Remodeling of the hotel restaurant and the lobby bar
2006 - 2020
“Art & Nature” exhibition opens in the historical Swiss-style building.
since 2009 Certified Partner of the National Park Saxon Switzerland
2010 and 2012 and 2015 Berghotel Bastei wins an award as the most hospitable hotel in Saxon Switzerland and the
Eastern Ore Mountains.
since 2011 Certificate “ServiceQualität Deutschland, Level 1”
2012 200 years of gastronomie on the Bastei
2016 25 years Berghotel Bastei GmbH
2019 40 years Panoramarestaurant Bastei