Bastei area

Saxon Switzerland - stone needle "Wehlnadel", Lilienstein and Bastei bridge

The most visited and most famous excursion destination of Saxon Switzerland is the Bastei in the middle of the national park. Each of our guests is impressed by the diversity of the natural beauty and the unique view that is offered by the rock formation, located 194 m above the river Elbe. In front of us lie massive table-mountains beside wooded rock-tops, from the woods protrude jagged rock walls and freestanding rock-needles. At our feet, the Elbe winds itself in a wide arc. The cut-out river valley only allows us to guess that the millions of years associated with strong erosion forces were necessary to create the considerable differences in altitude. As on a model railroad, train and paddle steamers drive through the Elbe valley and let us look dreamy downwards. There is much to discover in the Bastei area. We would like to present a selection on this page.

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Directions and parking (pdf in german)

Bastei bridge

  • Already in 1821 a wooden bridge had been constructed to link several rocks for the visitors. This bridge was replaced in 1851 by the present Bastei Bridge made from sandstone. Today it is protected as a technical monument. It is the first construction in Europe that was built exclusively for tourist purposes.

Felsenburg Neurathen

  • This ancient castle ruin from the 13th century is embedded into the sandstone formations of the Bastei area. In 1984 it had been reconstructed for visitors. Now an interesting tour, marked with plates, leads to the former rooms and courtyards via iron bridge constructions.
  • opening times: April to October daily from 9:00 a.m. until approximately 6:00 p.m. (Outside the opening hours checkout of trust)
  • entry fees: adults € 2.00, chrildren (4-14 years): € 1.00, families: € 5.00, groups more than 20 persons: € 1.50 /person, reduction with the local guest card: 50 %
  • guided tours please register through Tourist information Lohmen, phone +49(0)3501 581024


  • The small creek Grünbach, coming from Rathewalde, is thrown at a 10-meter-high rocky stage and then falls over the cavern of the Amselloch. Under the motto "Experience-Understanding-Preservation," a national park information center was set up in the cabin 'Amselfallbaude'.


  • ‘The holes of the Swedes’ are a hiking trail with 780 steps from the Bastei to Rathen built in 1886. Here the hiker crosses a height difference of 130 m. The strange name arose during the Thirty Years War, when the population sought inaccessible canyons around the Bastei as refuge.

Felsenbühne Rathen

  • The Felsenbühen Rathen in the gorge 'Wehlgrund', established in 1936, is one of the most beautiful open-air theaters in Germany due to its charming natural scenery.
  • since 1950 the Landesbühnen Sachsen here offer a wide range of productions covering opera, drama, children's plays as well as concerts of different genres to its audience
  • among the most popular pieces are the stories of Karl-May as well as the opera "Der Freischütz"
  • more information about the Felsenbühne you will find here:
  • besides, for booking tickets please contact the hotel reception, same to torch lights for your walk back to the hotel (hiking trails are not illuminated in the night)


  • The 600-meter-long lake Amselsee below the Bastei was built in 1834 by artificial stowage of the small creek Grünbach and lies in the midst of an impressive rocky backdrop; some rock formations received names according to their appearance, e.g. locomotive or hive
  • During the summer season taking boat trips here is a popular activity to enjoy the loveliness of Saxon Switzerland.

Steinerner Tisch

  • The stony table and its stony chairs were installed in 1710. During those years, August II the Strong loved to have picnics here while going animal hunting.

Uttewalder Grund

  • This legendary, romantic canyon with a hiking trail leads to the impressive and famous ‘Felsentor’ since 1835.

Miniature park "Small Saxon Switzerland"

  • detailed miniature reproduction of the landscape of the Saxon-Bohemian Switzerland that is completely made from sandstone
  • Opening hours: from 1st April (or easter) to 31st October as well as on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Advent weekend
    daily from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
  • Link:
  • reachable from Bastei on a beautiful hiking trail in about 2 hours or by car / Basteikraxler in 10 min

church of Lohmen

  • This church, one of the most beautiful and biggest rural churches in Saxony, was built in 1786/89 in the "Frauenkirche" of Dresden style.
  • for further information please follow this Link (german only)